Selected writing and articles - Aude Jomini
-Part Fact Part Aspect: Introduction to the Exhibtion, for artist Robin Crookall's Part Fact, Part Aspect at Real Art Ways,
from January 31 to April 18 2021.
-Perverse Furniture: Making Light of Inheritance, for Perverse Furniture art exhibition,
co-curated with Sarah Fritchey at Artspace in 2019.
-Untethered, A Tour of Favorite Monuments,in FEED #1.
-Summer Reading List, Connecticut Art Review, New Haven CT, September 2019.
-Off Season: David Kennedy Cutler, with poems by Aude Jomini, Brooklyn Research, Brooklyn NY, 2019
-Doom-Haven Project brief, by Aude Jomini & Eben Kling. August 2020.

Selected writing and articles - Sarah Fritchey
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