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"FEED: The Monument" newspaper by Aude Jomini, Eben Kling, Sarah Fritchey and Charli Taylor.
Spot color on newsprint, 22.75" by 16.5", 28 pages, edition of 1000.

As a response to an open call for “monumental works”, collaborators proposed instead
an ephemeral pamphlet manifest as an oversized stack of free newsprint for the taking.
The project is a record of the collaborators’ open-ended conversations around their
simultaneous love and repulsion for monuments. Acting as tool and a community notice,
it peers through a critical lens of humor and interrogation, pointing to divergent approaches
to the topic. Its content, poetry and design play with inextricable issues of displacement,
legibility, mass and waste, audience, and singularity of location without proposing
any authoritative answers or new monuments. In a subversive reversal of gigantism,
a comic strip becomes an unwieldy 16-page foldout, a subjective tour becomes tabloid
news edition, a horoscope becomes a repository of local historical research,
a floating coupon page lists infrastructure as meat offerings on sale.
Thinking through New Haven stories, the purpose is to acknowledge that a place’s
markers are not always what they seem. A diverse community is watching and using them,
and any kind of monument should remain open for the taking.
Published for "MILL STREET : Monumentality"  group show at 26 Mill Street,
New Haven, CT from February 22 to March 21 2020. See below for full image spreads.

Currently on view as part of "Statues Also Die" at REAL ART WAYS in Hartford CT.
E-mail us your address for a free copy.


"FEED : the Monument" downloadable PDF   LINK Here.